Adjourned but Still in Session: Concert 23


We are delighted to welcome harpist Olivia Jageurs for this next Adjourned but Still in Session Concert. She brings us a brilliantly varied programme of music featuring her favourite pieces and new discoveries from lockdown, and a personal insight into the workings of the harp. Including works by BAME composers Betty Jackson King and Samuel Coleridge Taylor, contemporary female composers from the UK and USA, the Beatles, virtuosic harp writing by Felix Godefroid and a Prayer for Peace in Ukraine, this is a tour de force of the versatility and enjoyability of the harp.

Adjourned but Still in Session is our brand-new platform giving concerts in the time of Coronavirus. We bring you online recitals performed from our homes to you, enabling our freelance musicians to play on, and you to enjoy some beautiful music, providing momentary relief from the current unprecedented situation and supporting your well-being. Principals from the orchestra and guest friends will present individual 30-minute performances online for you via YouTube streaming. In each recital our musicians will perform repertoire they had been preparing for upcoming performances, as well as explore their creativity, their personal favourites and their unique insights and thoughts on their chosen repertoire.

All income will go direct to supporting and paying the musicians, as is Orpheus Sinfonia's charitable raison d'etre, striving to enable the successful careers of exceptional young musicians. At this incredibly difficult time for the music-industry, determined as we are to be resilient, your support is crucial and truly will make a significant difference. 

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic and necessary lockdown, our exceptional freelance musicians find themselves in a desperate situation. All hard-earnt work evaporated overnight, adjourned without any current ability to reschedule. This has left them suddenly, through absolutely no fault of their own, with no income and no work, their livelihoods in grave danger and meaning they have an uncertain foreseeable future ahead.

 We may be adjourned from the concert halls, but we are still very much in session. Watch the trailer here:

Buy your ticket to the private streamed recital, and upon donation receipt you will receive the URL to watch the scheduled performance.


Thursday 18 June 2020, 7.00 PM

Orpheus Quarantine Sessions


Betty Jackson King

Felix Godefroid

15 Second Harp Suite

Blackbird - The Beatles

A Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

Samuel Coleridge Taylor

Venue: Your Home, Anywhere
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Adjourned but Still in Session: Concert 23 - Your Home - Thursday 18 June 2020, 7.00 PM
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